Aôraqet'ya Dévno

Aoraqet'ya Dévno, or Aoraqet'ya Prime. Formerly known as Lyr'Davni Prime, Lyr'Davni Major or α Lyr'Davni V from the preceding civilization referred to as the Lyr'Davni or The Antecessors, this planet received its name from the indigenous humanoid species, the Aoraqet’yari, from which they lent their name to the System, the three Stars contained therein, and the astropolity known as the Ascendant Stellar Hierarchy of Aoraqet'ya (Auracexia). Aoraqet’ya Prime is the largest planet in this system, as well as the larger of the two planets bearing the name, being 1.6 times the size of Aoraqet'ya Minor. With a population of approximately 12.5 billion, it is one of the most populous planets within the A.S.H.A.

Most Aoraqet’yari are quite urban, preferring large settlements, while some prefer smaller locales isolated from the large cities. Across four regions consisting of nine continents, the population of Aoraqet’ya Prime is concentrated into city-states, cities, city-districts, as well as large towns, and suburban areas, all usually situated near rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Of these, the City-State of Serq’khetyeva, H.C.D. is the capital city of the A.S.H.A., and the largest city on the planet —as well as within the A.S.H.A.— with approximately 260 million inhabitants. With other major cities being the City-State of Keminis'ya (formerly known as Daamar) at approximately 120 million inhabitants, and the city-states of Aq'kaénet, Nekhmaéthus, Akhétdju, Ashké, Désnéma, Khémsai, Akhsymar, Takhéyut, Aksusma, Shékhädos, Anké-Metaten, Kusqadet, Aédriset, Kharéruna, Akkhädet, Sérinet, Taptéris, Désrenémat, Djänte-Siris and Ash-Sydet.

The climate of Aoraqet’ya Prime is diverse, with an average temperature of 63°F (17.22°C), and the highest temperature recorded being 135.3°F (57.39°C) and the lowest temperature being -133°F (-91.66°C). The eastern continents of Eóreqérón, comprising the subcontinents of North, Central, East, and South Eóreqérón are temperate between the tropics, with the northern and southern extremes with polar and subpolar climates. North, East, and South Eóreqérón are the larger of the four, with coastal plains which gently rise to mountain ranges with peaks between 13,000 to 25,000 ft. (3962.4 to 7620 m) in elevation. Straddling the equator of Aoraqet’ya Prime, Central Eóreqérón, consists of the islands between and west of North, East and South Eóreqérón. Politically dominated by the City-State of Keminis'ya, these islands are mostly tropical as Central Eóreqérón is situated mostly between the tropics, with virtually every island populated. Major industries are fishing, shipping, resorts, casinos, luxury commodities, and various technologies.

The western continents of Atiraï are composed of West Atiraï, East Atiraï, and Aéqóris. West and East Atiraï are predominantly temperate between the tropics, save for the extreme southern part of East Atiraï, which has a southern polar climate. The main landmass of Aéqóris is the smaller of the three continents, but makes up for this with a cluster of islands to its east and southeast. Major industries are also similar to those of Central Éurëq'khéron.

West Atiraï, consisting of a series of islands to its north and south is home to the capital city of the A.S.H.A., the City-State of Serq’khetyeva, which dominates the northern end of the landmass, politically as well as in sheer population.

West Atïřai
Sénnä Atïrrhai


East Atïřai
Dzérrhä Atïrrhai


North Eóreqérón
Véirrha Eórekhérón

Central Eóreqérón
Antaérrhï Eórekhérón

East Eóreqérón
Dzérrhä Eórekhérón


South Eóreqérón
Ashárrhä Eórekhérón