The government of Auracexia resides in imperial capital city of Ser'khetyeva (Xer Qhe'tjev'a), Auracexia Prime (Aoraqet'ya Dévno) the largest city in the the Ascendant Syndicated Hegemony of Auracexia with Dévnostraéva Ravÿnna-Asträeva Delya Navras X'teryana also known as Séterrhÿana Navras Delya Ravÿnna-Asträeva or (Dévnostraéva) as Prime Archon. The supreme executive power of the Auracexian government is vested in the Prime Archon (Dévnostraéva) although power is often delegated to the First Consul of the Auracexian Empire and to the Cabinet and other officials; The Prime Archoness (Dévnostraéva-Saéret), the wife of the Prime Archon, also wields considerable executive power — however, only by the virtue of her wife the Prime Archon, Séterrhÿana Navras Delya Ravÿnna-Asträeva.

The First Consul (Dévno'kaénsurat) and Vice Consul (Närsii'kaénsurat) are appointed together by the Council of Electors, for which each star system, planet and district and is allocated a number of seats based on it's representation in all three houses of Parliament. The First Consul and Vice Consul serve one-hundred year terms, and are eligible for unlimited terms, the First Consul and Vice consul are analogous to that of a president and vice president.

Tricameral Parliament consists of the Senate (100 seats, 2 members are elected from each planet by popular vote to serve ninety year terms; one-third are elected every thirty years), the Delegates' Assembly (983 seats, each delegate represents 7,678,752 people for each delegation's district; members are directly elected by popular vote to serve forty-five year terms) and the Imperial Assembly (12 Archons, 50 Alter Archons and 4000 Demi Archons totaling 462 seats, each member is selected from each of planets eight districts or regions by popular vote to serve fifty year terms).

Archons (Astraévae) answer to the Prime Archon, and are responsible for the administraton of a star system within the Auracexian Empire. Immediately below the Archons are the Lesser/Alter Archons (Närsii'straévae) who in turn are responsible for the administration of the planets within a star system; Beneath the Lesser/Alter Archons are the Demi Archons (Aktya'straévae) who in turn are responsible for the administration of one of eight regions or districts of a planet. The Imperial Judicature (nine Adjudicators; nominated by the First Consul and confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate; appointed to serve for life); Auracexian Empire Courts of Appeal; Auracexian Empire District Courts; Planetary and Regional Courts