The Ascendant Stellar Hierarchy of Aoraqet'ya (ASHA), formally known as the Aoraqet'yari Hierarchy (A.H. or AH), informally as Aoraqet'ya or Auracexia, is an interstellar astropolity located in the constellation of Lyra within the Orion Spur of the Milky Way in the Alpha Quadrant ~1,200 light years (840,000,000,000 miles) from Sol (the Sun), in the Solar System. The Aoraqet'yari Hierarchy consists of fifteen star systems: the Aoraqet'yari Trinity, Azean, Cerelléan, Daéphadus, Lugastine, Xïür Kóbrÿra, Vol Aevéron, Föergan, Fersonni, Mordanyac, Acteani, Apus Kemithean, Xirisi, Truscaeanti and Amarysan with the latter being a pre-main sequence star; containing fifty planets of which there are sixteen Terran planets, eleven desert planets, nine oceanic planets, four ice planets, eight Jovian planets and two dwarf planets.

As with the sheer size of the Ascendant Stellar Hierarchy of Auracexia, the nation's population of 225,549,473,777 citizens, which in the terms of Earth-bound nation-states, would make it one of the largest nations on Earth by population, straddling fifty planets in some of the most diverse astrographical areas of the galaxy with climates ranging from arctic tundra to deserts and plains to lush tropical jungles, and vast oceanic worlds.

Descended from the Lyr'Davni — sometimes referred to as The Antecessors — who were originally a space-faring merchant culture, the Aoraqet'yari have expanded across a small sector of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy in search of other worlds, eventually discovering eleven star systems and forty-eight other planets within the Aoraqet'yari Cluster.

Aoraqet'ya Dévno (Auracexia Prime), Aoraqet'ya Närsi (Auracexia Minor), Sekh'emet'yeva and the oceanic planet of Sankh'emet'yeva make up the Aoraqet'yari homeworlds in the Aoraqet'yari Trinity, Sansellé and Targa are inhospitable desert planets, Setessana and Tesyadana are Jovian planets. The star systems of the A.S.H.A. are scattered throughout the Aoraqet'yari Cluster, stretching across spans of light years. The extremely diverse geography, climates, and various wildlife of the Auracexian Hierarchy makes it a nation of great diversity.

The Auracexian Hierarchy emerged from the Lyr'Davni Stellar Dominion of Auracexia, itself a successor state established following the collapse of the Lyr'Davni Stellar Dominion with the extinction of the Lyr'Davni in 16,208 BCE. After the establishment of the Ravyn'na-A'stra'eva dynasty, a government was formed and over the next millennia the task of populating the homeworlds began, with the city of Serq'khet'yeva on Aoraqet'ya Dévno becoming the capital of the astropolity. The current constitution was adopted in 16,190 BCE. The Auracexian Hierarchy embarked on a vigorous project of resettling the worlds formerly populated by the Lyr'Davni throughout the late 28th century BCE, reacquiring the star systems and their constituent worlds, and gradually admitting them as member states of the Hierarchy until a large portion of the population was spread across what are now fifteen core worlds by 2,764 BCE.

Over the 23rd century CE, the Auracexian Hierarchy has sought to become less isolationist and has reached out through the Milky Way Galaxy to establish contact with various other star states, culminating in membership of the Nassau Accord. The establishment of trade routes throughout the Solarian Reaches along the Alpha-Beta border has also given the A.S.H.A. a greater degree of visibility in the area, establishing the A.S.H.A. as a viable economic partner for many of the star states in the region and for others in other quadrants.