The Aoraqet'yari Cluster formerly known as the Lyr'Davni Cluster, situated approximately 1.3 ±0.3 kly (kilo-lightyears) from the Sol System is an open cluster in the constellation of Lyra, home to the astropolity known as the Ascendant Syndicated Hegemony of Auracexia or the A.S.H.A., which possesses twenty-five systems, fourteen of which possess significant populations in the billions, a proto-planetary disk and ten systems within the cluster which are unpopulated by Aoraqet'yari, designating them as the Core Systems. The A.S.H.A. also exercises claims over more than forty other systems, designating them as the frontier systems or Outer Systems of the A.S.H.A.. Originally, the majority of the systems within the cluster, were under the administration of the Lyr'Davni Stellar Dominion, until their exctinction. Of these systems, beyond the fifteen core systems of the A.S.H.A. with a significant population, approximately sixty or more systems were inhabited or colonized by the Lyr'Davni over the span of their history.